Celebrating...My 50th Birthday

               Vincent D. Wiggins



Celebrating...My 50th Birthday


Mind, Body, and SOOOOul Train…..Five “O’s” Birthday!


Looking forward to my big five O’s (50th) with wonderful people to capture all of the important elements in life.  Join me for a full retreat weekend, or for any part of the weekend, in taking care of mind, body, and soul.


I look forward to celebrating with you!


Weekend Agenda:


Mind, Body, and Soul - January 9th - 11th


“Mind, Body, and SOOOOOul Train” Kickoff party – Join us in the sendoff – January 9th - Chicago.


Mind - January 9th (Friday)


“Soul Train Scramble Board” - Dinner and after Dinner Event – January 9th  - Grand Geneva Resort and Spa.


Body - January 10th (Saturday)


“Soul Train Line” Skiing – January 10th - Grand Geneva Resort and Spa


Soooooul - January 11th (Sunday)


Spa and Reflection Brunch – January 11th - Grand Geneva Resort and Spa


“Wishing you Love, Peace, and SOOOOOul” Wrap Up event – January 11th  - Chicago











The hotel is filling up fast so please book as soon as possible.


Check out a good deal by clicking on this link.


The resort offers a lot of indoor activities, so don't fear the cold. You can enjoy the weekend doing the following:


  1. Indoor pool
  2. Spa
  3. Bday Dinner


and much more...check out the resort site for more info.

The Goat symbolizes Capricorns, and an apt mascot it is. Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is clear and fresh.


Join my fellow Capricorns and me as we enjoy the mountains.


Don't hesitate to contact me for more information:







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